Dear ladies and gentlemen,


i'm very glad, finding your interest in vocal choirmusic and especially in the "Polizeichor Wuppertal", that means the choirs of the police in Wuppertal/Germany.

We will show you our targets, our profile and the actors of our two choirs in this presentation. (Please see later)

We did have a lot of events national and international, as well. It's a kaleidoscop of concerts and meetings, which are examples for our comunity. Let it be a suggestion to more...


Axel Hellwinkel



What is the "Polizeichor Wuppertal"?

The "Polizeichor Wuppertal" has a special feature: There is a pure male choir, founded in 1928, and a pure female choir, founded in 2009. Sometimes we unite the choirs to get a big mixed one. Not everyone is a police-officer indeed, but we represent them.

Our repertoire spreads over pop, soul, gosple, shanties, country, traditionals and so on. But we are able to sing classics as well. Our intention is to entertain our audiance by making good music and not to gain prices.

Please be pationed, that the other websites are not translated, but the most of them are self-explanatory. The buttons are in english on this page only. We suggest you to use the "back-button" of your browser to return to this site.

Since June, 1st 2020 we do have some videos in youtube. You can find them under the button "Videos", too.